Storm Damage

Storm and Hurricane Emergency Response

  • Expert Carpentry 
  • Cleanup Crews - Return Your Property Back To Original 
  • Removal Of Fallen Limbs
  • Window  Replacement
  • Door Replacement

With 7,500 watts of portable generator power, we are able to get most repairs started well before your utility returns power to your home!!!

In almost all instances, the process begins by stabilizing and or sawing away remaining perils such as dangling limbs and branches whether they lay across your walks, driveway, on top of cars, roofs including soffits, gutters, leaders, or siding so you can get our of your house and we can get to the house...

Once we have a safe path and created access to where the damage is, we can bring in our ladders, power tools, and implement damage control.

Damage control consists of securing the home with any combination of plywood, supports, or drop cloths so that the home is temporarily safe from further harm caused by damage from wind, rain, snow, or birds and animals seeking shelter.

At this point, we can evaluate specific needs such as window or door replacement, roofing, siding, insulation, including exterior and interior painting.

Power Wash Seal of Bergen County is your year-round residential and commercial restoration source serving Bergen County.