Shingle & Rustic Channel

Shingle & Rustic Channel Replacement

Whether it's Western Red Cedar Barn Yard Shake or Edge Cut number one grade clear that's on your siding or roof or Rustic Channel Knotty on your siding, you can rest assured that we will cover every square inch of your home and professionally make the repairs necessary before staining and sealing begins.

We only use stainless steel nails, ring shanked when securing Cedar to your home, which ensures that no Tannin Bleed will occur and that it will withstand the elements for many years to come.

Due to the nature of how Power Wash Seal of Bergen County processes their Package A, your home will have been inspected with a fine-tooth comb, on three different occasions.

Once upon initial inspection to get an idea of what is salvageable, secondly after the wet processing, and finally, our master carpenter will give it a final inspection and will tag any wood deemed a candidate for replacement, which will be brought to your attention.

The tag remains if you elect to replace it, and likewise, is removed in the event you opt out of replacing it.

Please note, Power Wash Seal does not guarantee their workmanship in the event you choose to replace the wood without our assistance.

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