Note, our packages bundle most components of the Wet & Dry Processes for a finished product.

Paver Restoration With Polymeric Stabilized Sand

(hardens like a rock)

Available in Graphite or Beige

We use only the finest longest-lasting Polymeric Products by Alliance

With a Haze-Free Guarantee!!

Power Wash Seal of Bergen County. All Rights Reserved
Power Wash Seal of Bergen County. All Rights Reserved
Power Wash Seal of Bergen County. All Rights Reserved
Power Wash Seal of Bergen County. All Rights Reserved
Power Wash Seal of Bergen County. All Rights Reserved

Sealed with Wet Look Paver Sealer







  1. Apply Oxygenated Sodium Hypochlorite Antifungal To Kill  Mold Mildew Algae To Clean & Brighten
  2. Power Wash Aggressively & Restore Original Color - Include Belgian Block Detailing at no extra charge (if applicable)
  3. Remove Moss, Weeds & Old Stone Dust or Sand
  4. Apply Vegetation Killer Between The Stones To Ensure A Weed-Free Environment
  5. Reset Stones As Needed
  6. Install Polymeric Sand* or Stone Dust
  7. Seal with Matte or Wet (Gloss) finish (Optional)

*Available in Beige or Graphite Gray (see right)


Side by Side Before and After



Belgian Block Detail and Our Paver Pkg coupled with our Asphalt Driveway Package

Which is better & how not to get ripped off?

Our Package "A"

1st Image: IPE Rails, Spindles & Floor: Cabot Australian Timber Oil, Mahogany Flame, Trim in Semi Gloss..

2nd Image: IPE: Cabot Australian Timber Oil, Mahogany Flame

For All Wood Species

Cedar, Mahogany, Ipe, Maranti, Redwood, Pressure-Treated Southern Yellow Pine

Produced in strict accordance with Cabot & Wolman Specifications,

authorities in Wood Preservations for over 100 years.

Designed to bring back the life and beauty of Decks, Siding, Shakes, Roof Shingles, Outdoor Wood Furniture, Gazebos, and Swing Sets 

Image 1: Cedar Rails and Spindles, Mahogany Floor, Stained using Cabot Australian Timber Oil, Mahogany Flame.
Image 2: Western Red Knotty Cedar, Stained with Cabot Translucent Wood Tone Heartwood
Image 3: Barn Yard Cedar Shake with Cabot Translucent Cedar Wood Tone Stain
Image 4: Indonesian Teak stained with Cabot Honey Teak Australian Timber Oil
Image 5: California Redwood stained with Cabot Natural Australian Timber Oil

Refinishing a deck, siding, shakes, roof shingles, furniture, gazebo or anything wood for that matter, with just a quick power washing and a resealing or re-staining is just a temporary fix. Power Wash Seal uses a proven four-step process recommended by both Cabot and Wolman, authorities in the world of wood restoration, guaranteed to provide long-lasting beauty, protection and bring out the individual character of your wood.

Step 1: Strip

All refinishing requires a chemical stripping process to remove all previous seals that are embedded in the pores of the wood. Using pressure without a stripping agent will simply claw away the meat of the wood and damage the surface.

Step 2: Power wash

The pressure washing process washes the stripping agent as well as any stains from the surface of the wood returning the wood to virgin timber. Reestablishing the correct PH at this time is vital to a long-lasting stain and seal. Afterward, it's a good idea to evaluate any rotted boards. Power Wash Seal of Bergen County is set up with two distinct divisions. Our dry finishing which includes carpentry, staining, and painting will take over after the wet processing.

Step 3: Sand. Repair. Replace.

The stripping, power washing, and even brightening processes can leave rough surfaces and might cause some nail pops to become more obvious. Sanding handrails and pounding nail pops must precede the final stain/seal to ensure like-new results. We will even handle changing out any decayed wood.

Step 4: Stain and Seal

The process of stripping and power washing leaves the surface of the wood ready to accept a level application of stain/seal. Preparation is preeminent. Making certain that the PH is neutral and not repelled by the tannin acids provides a sweet spot so that the alkalinity of the stain seal is sure to penetrate rather than repel.

Power Wash Seal Of Bergen County uses only Cabot for their wood staining and sealing even though it's the most expensive. Consumer Reports consistently rate Cabot #1.

We have conducted our own tests to discover that after the wood has been prepped, when applying the Cabot product, unlike the others, Cabot bubbled!

This served to indicate that the oils were penetrating deeply, displacing air, thus, protecting the wood from within. This is the true art behind the science and ensures that the finish — whether translucent or semi-transparent —will give better protection in the long run and provide even, long lasting results.

So, while other quotes may appear less costly now if you are considering a quote which uses Acrylic Stain, be prepared to pay double next time to get it right....

There are less expensive stain products available for your deck which that are Acrylic based as opposed to oil based. To a certain degree, preparation has something to do with it as well.

Power Wash Seal Of Bergen County uses mostly ~ Cabot- Oil Base Products which is top rated and V.O.C compliant.

Note The Differences:

Acrylic will eventually peel in 2-3 years, especially on pressure treated wood or clear knotless grade where oils will fade. This is because the vapors impregnated will forever need to escape and will subsequently push against the Acrylic thereby creating a bubble which will blister, break then begin to peel.

Stripping an Acrylic Deck Stain requires very expensive chemicals which can double your cost compared to cleaning and removal oil based stains.

Besides being more expensive and degrading to the wood, there are other considerations such as:

  • Environmental ~ including well water, soil, air
  • Health of pets & children
  • Contact with soil in your vegetable garden or plant life

Cheaper now may mean regretting have made the wrong decision in just 2-3 years.

Oil base stains are not petrol chemical based but are Vegetable Linseed based.

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Our Package "B"

Composite Decking, PVC, Wood


We Specialize in cleaning: Trex, Timber Tech, AZAK

Deck Siding, Shakes, Roof Shingles,
Outdoor Wood Furniture, PVC,
Fence & Furniture, Gazebo, Sauna

And For Annual Cleaning Of All Wood Species Including

Cedar, Mahogany, Ipe', Meranti, Redwood, Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine

You are a candidate for our Package B if your deck, siding, shakes, or any of your outdoor wood has undergone our Package A in the past year or your composite decking. It is not necessary at this time to repeat package A.

No different than dusting and polishing your wood furniture or floors in your home which most folks do at least weekly, if not bimonthly, you will notice in early spring, especially if you used translucent stains, that the wood looks like it lost its luster or has faded. This is partly true but not entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Our Package "C"

Trek and Timbertech Restored


RockSolid® Composite Deck Refresh Toner is an exceptional water-based exterior toner designed to refresh the color and restore the finish on faded composite wood decks. It provides protection against water damage, UV graying, and mildew. It is easy to use, dries fast, and cleans up quickly with water.

  • One coat application
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Resists Mold & Mildew growth 
  • Provides superior water repellency with NeverWet® Properties


Be sure to choose the tone that best matches the original composite deck color.


It's now a good 15 years since composite decking has hit the market.

Unfortunately, the product was not the holy grail and after years of cleaning and maintenance, we find that the original luster and beauty have faded.

Issues associated with Timbertech starting as far back as in 2010 with their product fading and turning white when cleaning which we experienced last summer and discovered it was an industry-wide problem.


PWSOFBC now offers the perfect solution to return your composite deck back to its original beauty.

By combining our products and services associated with our packages A and B, we now offer Package C!

Let us provide you with a no-obligation estimate!


Driveway Seal & Repair

-Designed To Leave No Stone Unturned-

Power Wash Seal of Bergen County recommends the following protocol be followed for a second to none driveway restoration & preservation...

Where necessary and applicable:


  • Apply Degrease - Antifungal Agent
  • Power Wash Moss, Sediment, Salt
  • Power Wash & Detail Belgium Block & Mortar To Original Color
  • Brush On Contractor Grade Coal Tar Emulsion Seal W/ FILLER (From 5 Gallon Pails - Mixed on the Premises) for Hair Line Fractures 1/8" or less and BLACK ICE TRACTION (3-YEAR GUARANTEE)
  • Return In 30 Days To Seal Patch


  • Crack Repair With Asphalt or Caulk
  • Asphalt Patch for approximately 3/8" or Wider
  • Crack Fill for 1/8" to 3/8" depending on depth or width
  • Recement Broken Mortar Between Belgium Block

*NOTE: surface texture will differ from original driveway condition with any repair due to the natural difference in substrates used for the repair.

Start Late Summer

Early Fall - Before Leaves Fall - Allow Enough Time For Patch Work To Cure Before Sealing.

A hot and for the most part, dry summer is the harbinger of a cool fall with leaves quick to turn bright iridescent and drop sooner than later.

When preparing for fall, most homeowners think about their driveways and feel Fall is the best time to get ahead of the curve by preparing for the possibility of another torrid winter.

Here's why:
Whether it's snowplows, salt, calcium, or sand, sealing protects the surface from these winter deterrents, which erode and eat through the asphalt, allowing meltwater to seep into newly formed cracks. Expansion and contraction during thaw and freeze cycles cause frost upheaval of asphalt, which when driven over, creates potholes and other damages. Sealing it correctly and with the right products significantly reduces the chances of damage and exposure from auto fluids.

Frequently Asked Questions

SALVAGE AND MAINTAIN YOUR INVESTMENT Makes the sealing job bounce!

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