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Extreme Home Wash Detailing:

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Ever wonder what the difference is between just a Car Wash versus Auto Detailing?  A car wash can be just a few dollars...  whereas an auto detailing can be more pricey, oh, but what a difference it makes. If you've never been exposed to a detailing, you don't know what you're missing. It's like a new car afterward!!! 

Like an auto detailing, there is a huge difference between just a house wash and a home detailing. There are no words that can describe the finished results. One is simply a surface cleaning while the other is a real cleaning, restoration, and polishing with long-lasting results.

Our detailing is the equivalent of what you might expect to find when detailing an auto.

Every square inch of the exterior from the highest gable to the scratch coat is addressed to make it look new, smell and be as new as possible.

Power washers are used along with a host of other special brushes and cleaning and brightening agents. To ward off future crops of bio-pollutants, we use an antifungal to extricate spores of algae, mold, mildew, and lichen, which puts you seasons ahead of the curve, thus providing longer-lasting results.

The end result will return your home to the way it looked like the day it was built. GUARANTEED!!

Our Spectacular Detailing Process Is Available On The Following Types of Exteriors:

• Vinyl
• Aluminium Siding
• Hardy Plank
• Stucco (EFIS & DRYVIT)
• Rustic Channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Stucco Know-How

STUCCO: Efis or Dryvit—we handle it both.
Stucco Detailing By Professionals!

Moisture has been a big problem since Efis and Dryvit Stucco were originally introduced in early 1990.

Associated with structural failure, dimensional linear cracking, flaking, severe chalking, spider cracks, blistering, peeling, we have seen it all.

It takes a trained eye to determine whether these conditions preexist, and even then, sometimes the cracks are so small, even then the naked eye can't detect them until the wash process begins or a hard-driving rain makes the surface blister.

It is imperative that the loose failing stucco be addressed by a professional.

With years of experience, we have the know-how and tools to work with your stucco home and return it to its original condition.

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Not every house wash is the same.
Some companies stand on the ground with a hose or pressure washer and call that a house wash. Some state they'll wash any size home for $275.00.

Anyone can hose off your home and remove the surface dust or pollen, but it is only a matter of days or weeks before the embedded mold reappears if not removed correctly.

Upon close examination of your siding, you will be able to see mold spores in addition to algae (green), pollen, and good old-fashion soot.

The most important aspect in an exterior cleaning is the permanent removal of the mold spores. These spores come from pollen that metabolizes into mildew, algae, and mold and can produce violent episodes among seasonal allergy sufferers.

Water, no matter how hot or how much pressure, is not enough. The use of the proper cleaning products on your home provides the longest-lasting results since it may take several or so years or more for mother nature to return with mold.

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No Frills House Wash

Save $$$$- No Frills - Save $$$$


Sometimes the Extreme is too much.

We are pleased to offer the basic of basic which includes the following:

  • Apply detergent soap to the surrounding entry area only - low pressure power wash
  • Power wash exterior of entire home
  • Power wash exterior of gutters - (will not remove asphalt shingle oil drip lines, stains, or deep discoloration)

This is designed as a cost-effective solution of simply washing away surface bio-pollutants such as dust and pollen and is on par with an aggressive wash using simply more pressure than your garden hose.

Uses ladders, application of detergent around entry areas and pressure wash to remove surface dust, cob webs. Will not remediate mold, mildew, algae, moss or lichen.

Note, all plant life contains a root system—some microscopic in size—which is how bio-pollutants get water and nutrients to survive. Washing the surface with detergent and shampoo lets plant life continue to live guaranteeing mold, mildew, algae, moss or lichen is certain to return in short order.  Like pulling a dandelion and not getting its root the first time, it comes back next week.

The basic of basic excludes the following:

  • No oxygenated sodium hypochlorite–antifungal to kill root systems of algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen to entire home
  • No sodium metasilicate for gutter detail and polish to remove asphalt roof drip lines and discoloration
  • No screen detail
  • No cleanout of interior gutters & vertical leaders

If this doesn't work for you, visit us at EXTREME WASH AND DETAIL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Wash
Homeowner Insurance Compliant

~ Cedar Shingles ~ Slate ~ Asphalt ~

The Most Comprehensive Roof Wash  

  • Presoak in Oxygenated  Sodium Hypochlorite (ANTIFUNGAL)               
  • Kills Root System of  Algae, Moss, Mold, Milder For Long Lasting Results                 
  • Low-Pressure Power Roof  Wash  using a combination of  Aerial Lift, Bucket Truck,  Special Equipped Ladders 
  • Rinse Sides of  Home & Gutters From Falling Roof Debris 


Power Wash Seal of Bergen County knows wood better than anyone in over a 200-mile radius.  As Wolman Certified Specialists, whether it is your decking, siding, or Barn Yard Cedar Shake that sits on your roof, we are the preferred choice. Our equipment is hand-selected and designed specifically to handle most any home in Bergen or Rockland County. Below, our wet processing crew is removing all bio-pollutants and discoloration from UV damage.  After all is dry, each shingle will be hand polished, then sealed with an Oil Base Translucent to protect the wood and keep it moisture-resistant.


Power Wash Seal of Bergen County doesn't rush restoration.

Everything from the preparation right down to the weather, we're so dependent on comes out in the end product and it shows.

Let us handle your maintenance needs. We understand that for the most part, your home is one of your bigger investments. Why chance it with anyone less than the best?


It is with years and years of experience and the right equipment that makes this slate roof, in Ridgewood, NJ, look like it was only yesterday when it was installed. This roof is approaching almost 90 years old. Let our magic work for your slate needs too…


We wash all roofs including these brands.

Concrete Cleaning, Staining, Repair

• Sidewalks Cleaned - Gum Removal
• Masonry Repair
• Garage Floors Stripped & Stained
• Municipal Indoor Parking Garages
• Pool Surround Cleaned
• Flag Stone Blue Stone Lime Stone Replacement
• Flag Stone Blue Stone Lime Stone Resetting
• Belgium Block Resetting
• Brick Resetting
• Repointing-Restriking Joints
• Scratch Coat at Base of Siding

Pool Surround Wash/Stain- Pavers Too!

Whether it's stamped concrete, garage floor, patio or pavers, there are over 100 concrete stain colors to choose from including Wet Look and Matte Seals. Stains are available in Opaque or Semi-Solid Stains for different effects after your surface is cleaned, repaired, or patched.

Power Wash Seal offers a solution for all your stone and masonry maintenance.  Let our experience work for you. Below are amazing results using our high-energy Oxygenated Sodium Hypochlorite (yes with cold water), which is safe for pool water and your specimen plantings.


Power Wash Seal of Bergen County is more than just Power Washing! Our company is broken into two operations. We offer wet processing, which is the cleaning and preparation side, and we offer dry finishing, which includes Masonry for all of your repair and cosmetic needs as well.

Concrete Preparation and Staining Process:

No more blistered or peeling paint with our process.


Photo Top Right: stripping and removal of previously painted surface
Photo Top Left: Etching the concreted with Muriatic Acid which opens the pores of the concrete to allow the stain to penetrate so there's no blistering or chipping
Photo Bottom Right: Neutralizing the Muriatic Acid
Photo Bottom Left: Behr's Cement Stain Platinum Gray

Concrete Cleaning:

Photo Left: illustrates slippery concrete steps laden with algae, moss, mildew from many years of neglect...
Photo Right: after applying our Oxygenated Sodium Hypochlorite–Antifungal, which kills all algae, mold, and mildew including microscopic spores, which represent the next year's crop, it's then power washed. The steps look like new with the exception to natural aging... At this point, you may want to consider staining to give a fresh look... Ben Moore's Cement #54 makes it look like it was just poured yesterday!




We have a solution to maintain your property...

Our hydro-twister, used mostly or when required for large commercial surfaces where polymer sand harvesting is not required, will clean your pavers or any flat surface professionally without leaving streaks and best of all, the splash guards keep most of the debris out of your pool or beds during the process!

Afterward, we will identify all areas in need of releveling, before applying your choice of Polymer Sand or Stone Dust.

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Rust Removal

We remove rust from any and all surfaces including:

  • Vinyl
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum
  • Roof Shingles
  • EDPM Flat Roof
  • Gutters and Leaders
  • Apply acid to all rusted surfaces Flashing, Vinyl, Stucco, Alluminium, Roof Shingles
  • Safely remove rust
  • Paint flashing around chimney with Rustoleum Rust Inhibitor
  • Install leaders to by pass continued runoff onto roof shingles or siding if stemming from air conditioning drip pain

Frequently Asked Questions