No Frills Home Wash

No Frills House Wash

Save $$$$- No Frills - Save $$$$


Sometimes the Extreme is too much.

We are pleased to offer the basic of basic which includes the following:

  • Apply detergent soap to the surrounding entry area only - low pressure power wash
  • Power wash exterior of entire home
  • Power wash exterior of gutters - (will not remove asphalt shingle oil drip lines, stains, or deep discoloration)

This is designed as a cost-effective solution of simply washing away surface bio-pollutants such as dust and pollen and is on par with an aggressive wash using simply more pressure than your garden hose.

Uses ladders, application of detergent around entry areas and pressure wash to remove surface dust, cob webs. Will not remediate mold, mildew, algae, moss or lichen.

Note, all plant life contains a root system—some microscopic in size—which is how bio-pollutants get water and nutrients to survive. Washing the surface with detergent and shampoo lets plant life continue to live guaranteeing mold, mildew, algae, moss or lichen is certain to return in short order.  Like pulling a dandelion and not getting its root the first time, it comes back next week.

The basic of basic excludes the following:

  • No oxygenated sodium hypochlorite–antifungal to kill root systems of algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen to entire home
  • No sodium metasilicate for gutter detail and polish to remove asphalt roof drip lines and discoloration
  • No screen detail
  • No cleanout of interior gutters & vertical leaders

If this doesn't work for you, visit us at EXTREME WASH AND DETAIL.

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