A Trusted Name in the Power Cleaning Industry Since 1999

Led With Expertise

Power Wash Seal of Bergen County, LLC is managed by Richard Narins, who attended Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. He majored in textile management and marketing and minored in engineering.

After 17 years of manufacturing and dyeing cotton, Richard was able to repurpose his knowledge of the molecular structure of cotton (100-percent cellulose) to the restoration of wood (70-percent cellulose and 30-percent lignose). He founded Power Wash Seal of Bergen County, LLC in 1999.

Richard restored and renovated many of his own Bergen County homes since moving here in 1981. He brings a refreshing level of dedication and enthusiasm to his work, as his team will treat your home as if it were his own.

How We Are Structured

Broken into two divisions, we offer wet processing and dry finishing. Wet processing includes stripping, cleaning, and preparation of all exterior surfaces. Dry finishing includes expert carpentry, masonry, painting, staining, and sealing.

It’s the dry finishing techs, the unsung heroes of our company, that put the frosting on the cake! At Power Wash Seal of Bergen County, LLC, we believe that proper preparation is everything; therefore, each of our technicians is a master of their trade.

Treating your property as if it was our own—this is what separates us from the rest and makes our approach consistently successful.

Why Hire Us?

When visitors first come to our site, they often question why they need a restoration company for work as simple as a roof washing, deck cleaning, or house detailing.

Hiring professionals is essential because the market is bloated with inexperienced contractors who claim to offer quality power washing services. After the 2008 home building rush came to an abrupt halt, many plumbers and electricians bought a power washer and became overnight experts.

Since our founding in 1999, we have witnessed so much collateral damage caused by both do-it-yourself enthusiasts and fly-by-night companies that hire inexperienced operators. We have received a host of SOD (Save Our Deck) calls throughout the years due to novices that underestimate the difficulty of power washing.

To ensure that our team is prepared for any obstacles that they may face on the job, we cross-train them internally in a variety of disciplines. By hiring one of our adept carpenters, roofers, masons, painters, stainers, or sealers, you will always have an expert with the right tools and expertise to provide you with the solution you need should a problem arise.

When our wash-techs arrive on your property, you can be sure that they have the skills and knowledge to make your home look the best it can be.

Power Wash Seal is the recipient of over -4- certifications from Wolman, a Zinser Company, owned by RPM International. The most prestigious being Wolman's "SPECIALISTS CONTRACTOR" award, 1 in over 200 mile radius. This provides us with classified knowledge that some of the other Wolman nonspecialist contractors do not possess.

When it comes to your more expensive -exotic woods, including Cedar, Ipe, Maranti,, Redwood, Teak, trust Power Wash Seal Of Bergen County, as we follow this protocol in strict accordance with the methods prescribed from Cabot & Wolman.

Fully Insured With Price Guarantee

Our team only uses the best products available without cutting corners. You can be sure that we offer our services at fair and competitive prices. Whether it's our wash or masonry crew, our price guarantee ensures that you will receive quality service from well-trained and qualified technicians.

We are fully insured to provide our customers with peace of mind, including workers’ compensation, disability, and general liability. Our team is capable of handling your job requirements and getting it right the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Statement

There is a wide range of estimates you will receive in the estimate process and each is based on carefully worded and very different processes and chemical applications and procedures.

All washes are not created the same as you can see when comparing even our own Extreme Wash to our No Frills.

To the first time shopper of this service, it may all sound the same if you are just shopping for price. Some providers are real and have the right credentials, and others fly below the radar.

Therefore, because of our DNA, we are unable to commoditize many of the components of the services we offer and prefer not to compromise the integrity or quality of workmanship.

Power Wash Seal of Bergen County prides itself on its ability to consistently deliver a high-quality value-packed service, using the latest environmentally compliant technology.

Visit our Package Price Guarantee to learn more.