Masonry Staining/Painting

Concrete Cleaning:

Photo Left: illustrates slippery concrete steps laden with algae, moss, mildew from many years of neglect...
Photo Right: after applying our Oxygenated Sodium Hypochlorite–Antifungal, which kills all algae, mold, and mildew including microscopic spores, which represent the next year's crop, it's then power washed. The steps look like new with the exception to natural aging... At this point, you may want to consider staining to give a fresh look... Ben Moore's Cement #54 makes it look like it was just poured yesterday!




We have a solution to maintain your property...

Our hydro-twister, used mostly or when required for large commercial surfaces where polymer sand harvesting is not required, will clean your pavers or any flat surface professionally without leaving streaks and best of all, the splash guards keep most of the debris out of your pool or beds during the process!

Afterward, we will identify all areas in need of releveling, before applying your choice of Polymer Sand or Stone Dust.

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