Roof Wash

Roof Wash
Homeowner Insurance Compliant

~ Cedar Shingles ~ Slate ~ Asphalt ~

The Most Comprehensive Roof Wash  

  • Presoak in Oxygenated  Sodium Hypochlorite (ANTIFUNGAL)               
  • Kills Root System of  Algae, Moss, Mold, Milder For Long Lasting Results                 
  • Low-Pressure Power Roof  Wash  using a combination of  Aerial Lift, Bucket Truck,  Special Equipped Ladders 
  • Rinse Sides of  Home & Gutters From Falling Roof Debris 


Power Wash Seal of Bergen County knows wood better than anyone in over a 200-mile radius.  As Wolman Certified Specialists, whether it is your decking, siding, or Barn Yard Cedar Shake that sits on your roof, we are the preferred choice. Our equipment is hand-selected and designed specifically to handle most any home in Bergen or Rockland County. Below, our wet processing crew is removing all bio-pollutants and discoloration from UV damage.  After all is dry, each shingle will be hand polished, then sealed with an Oil Base Translucent to protect the wood and keep it moisture-resistant.


Power Wash Seal of Bergen County doesn't rush restoration.

Everything from the preparation right down to the weather, we're so dependent on comes out in the end product and it shows.

Let us handle your maintenance needs. We understand that for the most part, your home is one of your bigger investments. Why chance it with anyone less than the best?


It is with years and years of experience and the right equipment that makes this slate roof, in Ridgewood, NJ, look like it was only yesterday when it was installed. This roof is approaching almost 90 years old. Let our magic work for your slate needs too…


We wash all roofs including these brands.

Concrete Cleaning, Staining, Repair

• Sidewalks Cleaned - Gum Removal
• Masonry Repair
• Garage Floors Stripped & Stained
• Municipal Indoor Parking Garages
• Pool Surround Cleaned
• Flag Stone Blue Stone Lime Stone Replacement
• Flag Stone Blue Stone Lime Stone Resetting
• Belgium Block Resetting
• Brick Resetting
• Repointing-Restriking Joints
• Scratch Coat at Base of Siding