Making Holiday
Magic Happen
SINCE 2002


How The Magic Happens

Our approach is to start with a schematic drawing of your home including major landscaping and specimen plantings. We break the schematic into multiple zones and present you with up to 6 different lighting and decorating ideas per zone — all with individual costs. This tool becomes a planning guide for your lighting choices.

From here, we work together with you to create your own Christmas vision.

We offer:

  • Ice Lights
  • Mini Lights
  • Mini LED
  • C-9 (torpedo shaped old school)
  • C-9 (torpedo shaped new school LED
  • C-7 Globe lights (Edison Inspired)
  • Garland (Our Signature Piece!)
  • Wreaths (24”, 36”, 48”, 60” & 72”)
  • Bows (Lit too!)
  • Ribbon
  • Candy Cane Lit Trees
  • Candy Cane Lit Runways
  • Twinkling

Here’s how the numbers unfold... Let’s say your annual decorating budget is $2000 and you spend that in year #1. You can anticipate your reinstall to run 80% or $1600 as you would own the hard and soft wiring as your renewal will be emailed the following September.

Many of the photographs that you see here or on our  Instagram page * * @Merry.Christmas.Lights* *#PowerWashSealofBC* are a culmination of several seasons. We recommend you go slow and pick a few zones for the first season, then add on over time since cost to reinstall in the following year will be less 20% less leaving you additional funds in your decorating budget to do as you please.

Finally, we differ from the crowd of holiday lighting companies in that each of our installations is designed to enhance the unique character and beauty of each home. We do not sell cookie cutter packages where every home looks the same. We require no long term commitments and no package minimums. Your design and cost will be illustrated and broken down by individual zones, i.e., front gutter gables, roof ridge, vertical drops, wreath, garland etc. with up to 6 different lighting choices.

Best part yet?

After New Year’s, we include removal, pack it up-put it away- ready for your garage your basement.

A Wide Variety of Christmas Lights for Your Property

Christmas Blue Print

Please enjoy a bit of holiday music while you browse


10” Canadian Spruce Lit Garland, Red Glitter Tulle Netting, White Tulle Netting, 7 bows, 7 multi-color metallic Solid and Striped Glitter ~ 150 mm balls

C-7- G-40 5 Watt
Edison Inspired Filament

Mini European Incandescent

Mini Incandescent European
Multi Color or Solid Color

Soft/Warm White (Left),
Cool White (Right)5MM Conical Fully Rectified

5MM Conical Fully Rectified-Shimmer Free Multi Color or Solid

C-9 7 Watt Ceramic Retro–or Clear Filament, top right

C-9 .7 Super Bright Fully Rectified w/ 5 LED’S– Diodes Multi or Warm White (top right)

Traditional Icicle Lights, Incandescent European Mini Incandescent on Roof Ridge

Christmas Countdown