Driveway & Seal Repair

Driveway Seal & Repair

-Designed To Leave No Stone Unturned-

Power Wash Seal of Bergen County recommends the following protocol be followed for a second to none driveway restoration & preservation...

Where necessary and applicable:


  • Apply Degrease - Antifungal Agent
  • Power Wash Moss, Sediment, Salt
  • Power Wash & Detail Belgium Block & Mortar To Original Color
  • Brush On Contractor Grade Coal Tar Emulsion Seal W/ FILLER (From 5 Gallon Pails - Mixed on the Premises) for Hair Line Fractures 1/8" or less and BLACK ICE TRACTION (3-YEAR GUARANTEE)
  • Return In 30 Days To Seal Patch


  • Crack Repair With Asphalt or Caulk
  • Asphalt Patch for approximately 3/8" or Wider
  • Crack Fill for 1/8" to 3/8" depending on depth or width
  • Recement Broken Mortar Between Belgium Block

*NOTE: surface texture will differ from original driveway condition with any repair due to the natural difference in substrates used for the repair.

Start Late Summer

Early Fall - Before Leaves Fall - Allow Enough Time For Patch Work To Cure Before Sealing.

A hot and for the most part, dry summer is the harbinger of a cool fall with leaves quick to turn bright iridescent and drop sooner than later.

When preparing for fall, most homeowners think about their driveways and feel Fall is the best time to get ahead of the curve by preparing for the possibility of another torrid winter.

Here's why:
Whether it's snowplows, salt, calcium, or sand, sealing protects the surface from these winter deterrents, which erode and eat through the asphalt, allowing meltwater to seep into newly formed cracks. Expansion and contraction during thaw and freeze cycles cause frost upheaval of asphalt, which when driven over, creates potholes and other damages. Sealing it correctly and with the right products significantly reduces the chances of damage and exposure from auto fluids.